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Standard x JvdF Set

Standard x JvdF Set


JvdF is a New York based brand and the manifestation of creative director Justin von der Fehr’s vision and pursuit of crafting distinctively beautiful objects with a nod to the ironic. An irreverent and subversive approach plays on the the ideas of heritage and tradition, for a collection of design objects that allows the possessor to build their own arsenal of accoutrements that accompany them, travel with them and discreetly inhabit their lifestyle. Our work encourages a notion of timelessness, transcends seasons and is nurtured by the socio-cultural pulses of the moment. We’re part mischievous, part classic and completely permissive and playful; originating objects and collaborations for the aesthetically-driven sybarite who appreciates covert luxury.

An exclusive limited edition nickel plated finish of accessories for all of your smoking needs. The perfect gift for your favorite puffer.


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