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Haze NEW YORK CITY Tourist T-shirt Haze NEW YORK CITY Tourist T-shirt Haze NEW YORK CITY Tourist T-shirt

Haze NEW YORK CITY Tourist T-shirt


Haze is a graffiti artist who’s work helped define the graphic language of the early Hip Hop Movement with such iconic logos as MTV, Beastie Boys and Tommy Boy Records. Haze opened his design studio in 1986 and founded his own clothing label in 1993. Back in New York after 10 years in Los Angeles, Haze remains recognized throughout the world as one of the earliest designers of streetwear.

Three limited edition t-shirts featuring graphics commissioned by top designers/artists to represent the three major cities The Standard hotels inhabit: Los Angeles, Miami, and New York City. Because lettering directly reflects a certain person or region, selecting the perfect artist for each location was extremely important, hence, hand-picking Eric Haze from New York City, José Parlá, from Miami, and west coast’s Natas Kaupas for Los Angeles. 

Each of these artists were commissioned to write the city’s name in their own personal handstyle, making each a unique and recognizable representation for that area. The days of receiving the typical, “my … went to … and all i got was this lousy t-shirt” tee from your friends and family when they travel are over!

Produced in New York, in collaboration with Tony Arcabascio, The Standard's TOURIST TEE set consists of 3 different graphics offered in 2 different color-ways. Each is packaged in its own reusable, nylon, monogrammed travel case, making it the perfect pre-wrapped, 2-for-1 gift.


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