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"Gold Bar" Power Bank "Gold Bar" Power Bank "Gold Bar" Power Bank "Gold Bar" Power Bank

"Gold Bar" Power Bank


Iconic artist Claw Money and bold fashion brand, Place Money Here, have united to fuse style and functionality with their new and deluxe “Gold Bar” power bank. The accessory was born of tongue-in-cheek reference to our mass dependency on technology as the “Gold Standard” in modern communication and affirmation of our identities, hence (and at the rush of being overly literal,) its launch at the Standard!

Compact, yet powerful, the gold bar boasts a 5200 mAh capacity that will deliver a quick and complete USB charge, on the fly, to all smart devices. It features an LED indicator, USB output, and ensured protection for overcharge, over voltage, over current and short circuit.

Accompanying the deluxe charger is your custom velvet tie pouch to protect your gold bar and keep it safely stored.


The limited edition collaborative item will be available exclusively in a 100pc run at The Standard. Make sure you get yours!


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