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Donk, 2015 - Jim Drain

Donk, 2015 - Jim Drain


“DONK” is Jim Drain’s homage to Miami’s Donk Culture. These hi-riser cars, and the fashion, music and energy that surround them, are key parts of the Southern Florida landscape. For Jim, seeing donks cruise by is an opportune moment to reflect on the absurdly beautiful combination of the salty Miami air and Roseate Spoonbills in the environment juxtaposed with the artistry of the machine: neon, gold and those incredible rims. He describes them as “a car in drag, gritty, a repurposed American dream.” The primary source of this psychedelic poster is perhaps a little more innocuous. Spying a Christmas ribbon posted on Instagram, Jim was immediately drawn to the image he saw as “both ubiquitous and alien.” And so here we are, presented with a poster oddly familiar in its composition and bizarrely tempting in its imagery, so wrong that it’s right.


“DONK was created in partnership with The Standard Spa, Miami Beach and in celebration of its 10 year anniversary”.


10% of every purchase will benefit arts education programs at The Miami Children's Museum.


The poster is 30 x 24 inches and printed on 80 lb silk McCoy archival paper.