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Cheryl Dunn, Festivals are Good Cheryl Dunn, Festivals are Good Cheryl Dunn, Festivals are Good Cheryl Dunn, Festivals are Good

Cheryl Dunn, Festivals are Good


There is nothing like dancing to great music in a sea of 100,000 people in the hot sun or under the stars, on the grass or in the mud. The mention of this can illicit immediate repulsion, “I would never do that”, or absolute elation. But without a doubt, a good story usually ensues. You can call them war stories but its the opposite of war, it’s about freedom. I am a fan of fans. To me these experiences are about the people you share them with, the kids crammed front and center who saved their money for a year to be there, the older fans sitting on tricked out lawn chairs whose friends think they are crazy for still going. The cross section of nerds, jocks, babes, stoners, hipsters, outcasts, letting it all hang out in unabashed glory, all sharing a common love of music. There is a collective transcendence that happens. This is what I’ve seen, here is who I have danced with, here is who I’ve made pictures WITH … - Cheryl Dunn

CHERYL DUNN is a documentary filmmaker and street photographer based in New York City. Her photographs and films have been exhibited in various galleries and museums including Deitch Projects, the Tate Modern and the “Art in the Streets ” exhibition at the Geffen Contemporary MOCA”. Her films have played at numerous film festivals including Tribeca, Hotdocs, Edinburgh, Rotterdam, Los Angeles. Her latest film "Everybody Street" about New york city street photographers has just been released after 2 years of festivals and theatrical screenings. She has had two books of her photographs published - Bicycle Gangs of New York, and Some Kinda Vocation.