Erwin Wurm edition for The Standard

Earlier this year, The Standard commissioned, Big Kastenmann, currently on at The Standard, Highline through November, 2012.  We're excited to present this exclusive edition


Pee on someone's rug (instructions on how to be politically incorrect), 2003


Dimensions: 23,82 x 30 cm  

edition of 100 + 10 AP


"In the series, Instructions on How to Be Politically Incorrect, Wurm tackles our heightened fearfulness following the events of 9/11. Threats on national and international security have made us more sensitive to our personal space and freedoms. An invasion of personal and private space is documented in this work.  Wurm seems to be making fun of how much we have accepted intrusion into our private lives. Despite the lightheartedness of this series, these works of art have a serious intent and are a social  and political critique of our changing world."   
- Lehmann Maupin Gallery, New York City
One of the most political
questions is to be critical
about the things which
are accepted.
-Erwin Wurm