De Profundis by James Jarvis

The Standard is proud to welcome, acclaimed British illustrator James Jarvis to New York, to unveil his first new narrative in five years. 


This highly anticipated graphic novel follows a beaked artist who travels through a wilderness to arrive at an abandoned city. Wandering the empty streets there, he encounters a mysterious, priestly being who commissions him to decorate a temple to nameless gods. De Profundis might be considered a departure from Jarvis' previous projects; in this book, he has constructed a purely personal narrative with artwork that combines his interest in medieval woodcuts and Dutch De Stjil.


Visit The Shop at The Standard, New York from November 10th through December 8th for a special exhibition of original drawings and toys on view and for sale.


Featured image is reproduced from James Jarvis: De Profundis. Read our interview with James here.