Thomas Campbell Scarf, for The Standard,

We asked some of our friends to come up with some graphics/illustrations for this Spring release. The plan is to keep you cozy as well as looking good, so we figured why not wrap you in the most beautiful, lightweight, cashmere/silk scarf we could find and have Thomas Campbell, José Parlá, and Rostarr create unique art to cover it in it’s entirety. The crew we put together are all known for their graphic language and sometimes ‘pattern-like’ feel that is often associated with their artwork. Basically, the art that was produced by all three artists may look like repeated graphics from afar, but are really more like murals that can not only be worn on the body but can also be hung on your wall.

50% silk, 50% cashmere. 24.5 × 70 Hand-rolled edges. Edition of 100

Thomas Campbell is a self-taught painter, sculptor, photographer and filmmaker. He splits his time between his studio in Bonny Doon, California and traversing the globe making surf films, including his most recent, “The Present.”

His artworks combine scribbles and scriptures, taking slogans and anecdoes from his unique vocabulary and juxtaposing them with a profound look at human nature. His movement-oriented paintings are as layered with meaning as they are with paint. His works are free-flowing with wide expressionist swipes of color, bold graphics and intricate renderings of characters and text.